Dance Academy



Dance in Urbana @ The Goddard School

​9:15 AM -9:40 AM Move & Groove Class for boys and girls ages 2-3 students will learn exercises that are based on dance fundamentals and beginning of the floor gymnastics. 

9:50 AM- 10:20 AM Little Ballerina 1 ages 3 1/2- 4 students will learn the beginning of the ballet and acro dance.

10:25 AM-10-55 AM Little Ballerina 2 ages 4-5 a high-energy class student will learn a basic of the ballet, center work, jumps, and acro dance with a more complex combination. 

11 AM-11:30 AM Hip-Hop ages 3-6  is a high-energy class for boys and girls in which students will learn fun hip-hop techniques and combinations. They will learn fundamental Hip-Hop moves including basic body isolation, precision, performance quality, and choreography, and get to dance to popular, age-appropriate music. ​